Veterans Yoga Project Annual Summit in Montana

I will be teaching this powerful workshop again. Yoga is the oldest form of personal development. The sutras are powerful guidelines to get present to the power of the Tapas.

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Thank you Yoga Tribe! Workshop complete April 28th, 2017

 Yoga Tribe, Huntington Beach CA

Yoga Tribe, Huntington Beach CA

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  • Location: Purple Yoga Long Beach
  • Instructor: Christian Allaire
  • Date: June 2nd, 11:30 AM - 1:45 PM
  • Cost: $25 early bird until May 26th -- $30 after May 26th

Join Christian for this yoga practice which begins with a discussion of the 12 Laws of Transformation from the book 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste who Christian began his yoga journey with. Christian will lead you in a power vinyasa flow that allows your physical and mental systems to relax and get still. We will plant the seeds and reinforce intentions to manifest and create ease and magic in our lives. Bring a yoga mat, journal, and a pen!

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  • Location: Purple Yoga Long Beach 
  • Instructor: Christian Allaire 
  • Date: January 6th, 11:15 AM- 1:15 PM
  • Cost: $25 early bird until December 31st, $30 after December 31st


The true yogi is a Master of everything in his or her own life. To be a master of your own self is to fully understand who you really are and integrate all components of your humanness. Without a dedicated practice, there can be no Self-Mastery. Yogins already practicing asana have taken the first step toward Self-Mastery, now it's time to learn the methodology behind self-mastery via the Eight Yogic disciplines as outlined in the Yoga Sutras. The Eight Limbs are the Master Key to understanding the system of yoga. In this workshop, you'll develop skills and acquire tools that will guide you into boldly being of service for your yourself, community and your business/family life.


We will cover:

  • Eight Yogic Disciplines
  • Yamas- Self-disciples/restraints on behavior
  • Niyams- Spiritual observances
  • Asana- Seat, posture, practice of postures
  • Pranayama- Expansion of vital energy through control of breath
  • Pratyahara- Withdrawal of the senses
  • Dharana- Concentration
  • Dhyana- meditation
  • Samadhi-Complete absorption/Integration


Self-Inquiry & Drishti

Template for creating a morning ritual

Goal Setting w/suggested template

We will tie it all together by discussing/analyzing the Authentic Leadership Model to drive the
point that yoga is a complete system of personal development that has real-world impacts.


Bring a note to jot this down and gear to practice in.

About Christian Allaire:

Christian has been teaching at Purple Yoga since September of 2017 and teaching full-time since 2011. He is a Baptiste trained teacher, 20 year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University of California and current graduate student at
Loyola Marymount University working toward an MA in yoga studies. 


Or call the studio in Long Beach  at (562) 596-5700



Image from the Yoga as Self Mastery Workshop 1/5/2018