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Yoga Class with Christian Allaire ~
Combine Deep Knowledge, Power & Humility, Connection with Each & Every One and Play.
The Result? An experience integrating mind, body, and spirit that furthers leadership and personal development.
— Tracy Scates Leadership Development Consultant June 2017
Christian’s classes are always challenging but filled with mirth and wit. You’ll leave invigorated, inspired, and engaged. His unflagging humor and endless good vibes are why I keep coming back!
— John Battelle, CEO, NewCo, Federated Media, sovrn Holdings, Web 2 Summit, Wired, Industry Standard; writer on Media, Technology, Culture, Business
Christian is a wonderful teacher, and I would recommend him to long time yoginis as well as to new comers. His classes are infused with positive energy, from his great rock and roll play lists, to the gentle wisdom he imparts through parables and simple affirmations. He encourages students to trust themselves and find confidence as a member of the hard working, and dedicated, yoga community that flock to his classes. I am also proud to study under a member of the US military- Christian walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to helping others be the best they can be.
— Claudia Cowen, Senior West Coast correspondent Fox News Channel
Yoga with Christian is my favorite time of the day that I ALWAYS look forward to. He brings such enthusiasm and whit to an energetic practice, mixing the best music with motivational cues into a sequence that brings your yoga to a new level. Inspiring, smooth, tough and fun; It’s my secret weapon in dealing with a stressful life while being as fit as I can be!
— Sebastian Jackovics, Founder FITNESS SF
In the yoga world of sometime flakes and fakes,
Christian Allaire is the real deal. My husband and I have known Christian as a private yoga and alignment instructor, a large-group yoga teacher for adults, and a small-group yoga instructor for our children and their schoolmates. Christian’s own practice and form are meticulous and strong, and his ability to teach people of all ages in terms they can hear, digest and implement is highly skillful, humorous and adaptable. His classes are enjoyable and challenging for any skill level, never the same from day to day, and so much fun! I have to say
though that what I admire most about Christian is that he is a rare combination of strength and kindness, a result of what is likely an extensive journey of self-reflection in the midst of many and varied life experiences. We love Christian!!
— Dawn, age 48, yoga enthusiast
Christian’s classes always leaves me centered up and stretched out! I’m more of a runner as I travel so much for business that it’s easier for me to hit the trail. However, when I’m home in the San Francisco Bay Area I LOVE a Christian Allaire Yoga sweat session laced with his sense of humor. Check out this VETERAN TURNED YOGI!
— Porter Gale, Author, Advisor, Speaker & GM Globality
“I usually operate with lots of stress in my life, so I need a good way to relieve it. Christian is my “go to” and has the right approach to yoga for me. He mixes humor with the fundamentals and delivers an intense workout. I have probably taken over 70 classes from him over the years and enjoy each one.”
— David Gottesman, CEO Epic Machines
I have told Christian he is my favorite yoga teacher and I can see from the other reviews that yoga is his calling. I have seen Christian grow and come into his own ... I predict he will be a world-class yoga teacher. For those of us who come to him weekly, he already is. I have taken yoga from the best of the best but what always brings me back to a class is the arch in the series leading to a sense of fullness, guidance with pacing so that there are no injuries, humor and compassion. Christian has all of the qualities that make me want to keep coming back to yoga every week. And Christian gives back by teaching yoga to Veterans who suffer from PTSD.
— Elizabeth Daniels, Writer
Christian is by far my favorite yoga teacher! His style is focused on the breath and fluid, strong movements...and set to amazing music. He greets his students with a smile and something nice to say, very welcoming. I always feel like I’ve had a great workout, both physically and mentally. Christian also has funny sayings during class that make me giggle. I always leave his class with a smile. Keep up the great work! You’re an inspiring teacher.
— Angela Christian, Financial Controller
Christian brings a rare joy and purity of intent to his teaching. He’s a serious seeker with a playful way of bringing people into connection with their own bodies and each other. He’s continually growing himself as a human and a teacher, and helping others explore their edges. He offers a strong practice, with the guarantee of laughter along the way. And he’s given me pike handstand
— Christine Marie Mason, President & CEO NOW Labs & E-RYT 500
Christian Allaire is a first rate yoga teacher and genuinely beautiful human being. He brings to each class a deep sense of sincerity and authentic caring, not only for his students but for the world as a whole. He is a master at putting together creative sequencing and reading the room so as to provide opportunities for both a fun and challenging yoga practice for all levels of yogis in attendance.

Christian repeatedly demonstrates his passion and knowledge of yoga through his cueing of poses, his suggestions for modifications or advanced postures, and his assists in the poses. He offers his imagination and intuition, his humor and playfulness, and his wisdom and knowhow in every class he teaches. He fosters confidence and puts his students at ease, even in the midst of intense effort. Simply put, Christian provides a spectacularly enjoyable yoga experience, accompanied by a great playlist—-almost every time J

Christian Allaire is a yoga teacher for whom people go out of their way. In fact, I schedule my work day so that I can make the 40 minute drive each way, twice a week, to attend Christian’s classes. I am always inspired and enriched by what Christian shares through yoga, and grateful to know him.
— Susan Lourme, MBA, Somatic LMFT, and yoga practitioner
Christian is one of those very rare people - he brings an endless curiosity for innovation and improvement, like he has never traveled the world or done all of the magnificent things he has throughout his career. I had the pleasure to work with Christian for several consulting projects, both domestic and internationality, where he severed as an inspirational leader to all people around him. He brings a smile to anyones face wether it be business or regular life - empowering others and brightening up every persons perspective. Yet, this only scratches the surface of the capabilities he posses.
— Sebastian Lindemann, Endpoint Protection & Incident Response
Christian is up for the challenge. His wisdom and playfulness struck me as the right combination to take on my 11-year old son who is hampered by low tone and global weakness. With yoga as a universal language, they are writing a new chapter in my Mason’s life. I am grateful for Christian’s enthusiasm and worldview - he sees challenge and opportunity where many others might be discouraged or intimidated. Namaste.
— Kyri McClellan, Mason's mom
Christian is one of the most positive, inspiring, well-liked individuals I have ever met. I have taken yoga classes with him and worked in groups with him in our MBA program, and I can say he is such a positive force no matter what he is doing. He taught classes to the staff and faculty at Dominican University, and everyone raved about what a wonderful instructor he is. If you want to go to yoga and get an amazing workout while feeling positive and inspired, seek out Christian. He has my highest recommendation!
— Robin Castro, Dominican University of California
I thoroughly enjoy working with Christian. He’s one of those rare people that seems to have endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm. He dedicates himself wholeheartedly to whatever he sets his mind to. The energy, enthusiasm, and dedication he brings to his work are infectious, inspiring those around him to live up to their own potential. He’s a natural transformational leader.

Christian has an insightful understanding of organizational structure and design. He not only understands these concepts in the abstract, he is able to apply them to his diverse work experience. His time in the military gave him unique opportunities to observe concepts such as chain of command, span of control, and work specialization very intimately, and provided him a deep understanding of how powerful organizational culture can be.
As I mentioned above, Christian is a transformational leader. He is a charismatic and engaging public speaker who’s at home in front of an audience. Most importantly, however, is Christian’s vision- he’s able to look into the future to imagine a better world, and then to take the concrete and necessary steps to start working towards that world. With his charismatic personality and presentation skills, he inspires others to follow him.
I highly recommend Christian for any position which requires the knowledge, skills, and characteristics listed above.
— Thomas Cavanaugh, Phd, Professor of Management Dominican University of California
Surrounding myself with creative, thoughtful, generous and smart energy is important to me as a yoga teacher. I am continually in awe of Christian’s positivity and inspired by the way he is constantly creating a beautiful and authentic offering for his students. His classes are a true reflection of the yogi, person and beautiful soul that he is and this is an incredible thing to witness. Additionally, as a colleague, I am reminded of how important it is to keep your brand fresh and I really love how Christian presents himself online with beautiful photos, a current website and new invitations that pull people in - I am so inspired by this!
— Pat Baily, RYT, www.yogawithpb.com
I have admired Christian as he set his mind to accomplish things in his education, career and personal life. He is a very disciplined person and it shows in every step he takes. He takes Big Steps and accomplishes them with pride and does anything he sets out to do very well. He is very honest and has the most integrity you will see. Christian has a Great Attitude. No matter what Christian does with you or for you—You will Love Him. Man of Great Integrity. I respect him!
— Elisa Brooks, Red Dragon Yoga client