Baptiste Yoga San Francisco

I am such a huge fan of the Baptiste Methodology. I recently completed Baptiste Level 2 and will now pursue in earnest my Baptiste Certification. 

Jen and Sean Silvera Own the Partnership Studio Baptiste Yoga San Francisco in the city. They have nurtured me and allowed me to pick up two classes at the studio. This studio and the people who practice and teach are truly a tribe. I couldn't be more enthusiastic about this place, this time and the opportunities to serve via the practice of yoga.

I constantly keep my schedule fresh and up to date on this websites schedule page. Would love to see you all on the mat!




VYP Fundraiser Big Hit


VYP Fundraiser Big Hit

On Sunday November 13th we held the donations based Veterans Yoga Project yoga class. It was a smash hit! We don't have all the financial data in quite yet. However I think we'll hit close to 9k. Our goal was a smooth 10k. Please enjoy some of the photo's below.

Thank you thank you!




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Need a Cleanse? 6 Benefits of Detoxing Your Body


You’ve probably heard of detox diets and detox drinks, but is a detox something you should be doing? Detoxing is the process of ridding your body of unwanted substances and toxins, which is usually achieved by fasting or consuming specific types of foods and beverages specially designed for helping to flush such toxins from the body, or some combination of these approaches.

Detoxing should be done carefully, and if you have a chronic health condition, always discuss detoxing with your healthcare provider first. The process can be incredibly beneficial for your health and well-being; here are just a few of the benefits you can reap from a detox.

Energy Boost

If you’re feeling tired, fatigued, and sluggish by mid-day, the right detox can restore your energy and vigor. Focusing on removing toxins from the lymphatic system with herbs and other methods clears out your lymph nodes so they’re better able to filter the unwanted substances out of your system that contribute to fatigue and illness.

Stress Management

Foods like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and refined foods can contribute to adrenal fatigue, which leaves you feeling sluggish and tired, as well as more susceptible to stress. A detox can rid your body of these substances, giving your adrenal glands a healthy reboot so they can do their job – helping your mind deal with everyday stress without getting overwhelmed.

Better Sleep

A lack of quality sleep leads to all sorts of undesirable effects, such as irritability, mood swings, mid-day slumps, and even illness. Your body might attempt to compensate for a sleep deficiency by craving certain foods – sugary or processed foods, for instance – which in turn adds more toxins to your body that can make it harder get quality sleep. A detox breaks this vicious cycle, ridding your body of the substances that are contributing to insomnia. When you’re better able to rest, you’ll have more energy and stronger immunity.

Weight Loss

A detox can result in the loss of a few pounds immediately by eliminating water weight caused by bloating and other factors. You should never use a detox program continuously in order to facilitate rapid weight loss. However, a detox can be beneficial for resetting your body’s systems to kick-start a weight loss program and initiate long-term healthy nutrition choices.

Better Focus and Concentration

By reducing the effects of adrenal fatigue and brain fog that comes from sleep deprivation and lack of energy, a detox can drastically improve your ability to focus and concentrate. When you have the energy and the attention to laser-focus on the task at hand, you’ll be more effective in every area of your life.

Improved Skin

A detox can leave you with smoother, clearer skin by removing toxins that contribute to oily skin, wrinkles, and a dry or dull texture that takes the glow from your skin. If you suffer from acne, a detox can offer dramatic improvements, but like most acne treatments, it may get worse before it gets better.

There are hundreds of different detox programs, recipes for detox beverages, and food recommendations for different types of detoxes that focus on specific physiological systems. Depending on your goals, you can design a custom detox regimen that cleanses your body of unwanted toxins and leaves you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Once your cleanse is over, don’t let bad habits throw you off course. Implement a healthy diet and frequent exercise so that you can continue the benefits of your cleanse.


Thank you Travis!


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A Gratitude Practice

Here's to another 50 Years!


One of my yoga students did a terrific beautiful thing to pay it forward. On Christine's 50th Birthday she came to my 5pm class and paid for everyone that showed up. It brought Christine and everyone such joy. The energy that would created was palpable!

Thank you Christine!



2016 Goal Setting Tools. What is Your Sankalpa?

To set a powerful direction moving into 2016 you must understand what your "Why" is. In yogic language a persons "Why" is their "dharma". Dharma is becoming who you were mean't to be. It is your deepest heart's desire. It takes real commitment, a real focus on excavation of your being to uncover what your soul's intention is. As Mark Divine wrote "Bottom line: If you lack an underlying commitment to self-mastery and growth, even the best theory won't help you lead yourself or a team to success." In other words rock solid practice precedes the bubbling up of your Why.

I think it is prudent to mention that the future will find favor for those prepared in mind, body and spirit. It's simply harder to knock someone out when they train toward a future state. This is really important because it turns out we humans have evolved for an internal negative state for survivals sake. The onslaught of negative news and stressors of modern day reenforce that which is natural creating a bias resulting in imbalance. We counter this by practicing positivity. 

In order to peel back your layers discovering your Why or figuring out how to fulfIll your Dharma you must learn about the practice of sankalpa. Sankalpa can be translated into resolve. The "practice starts from the premise that you already are who you need to be to fulfill your life's dharma" (Mcgonigal). The yogic tradition provides this sankalpa method to help peel back the yogic onion to drill right into your heart center to figure out what your true heart's desire is. Sankalpa is a call to action, it is motivation and a bias for action. Your sankalpa could be a mantra stating your motivation or resolve. To discover your Why you won't be surprised to hear the process requires you to sit in sacred silence. You need to tune out to tune into your internal state. The Zen tradition calls this practice "polishing the mirror." Think of the mind as a mirror, the tendency to think negative thoughts clouds up the mirror obscuring your Why. You polish the mirror by tamping down our animalistic bias for negativity in sacred silence by witnessing our thoughts and redirecting them toward a more positive outlook. The mirror starts to clear and over time our Dharma begins to appear.  Then you connect your sankalpa to your Why to advance forward. When you sit long enough it will start to become clearer which goals will need to be stated and worked on. 

This shouldn't be a news flash. When goals are written down, stated clearly and connected to your Why, connected to your resolve (sankalpa) they become a truly powerful force. In my own experience I come up with so many goals that it becomes stressful and I lose my front-sight focus or drishti.  Discipline must be part of the mix in terms of goal selecting. Learning to chunk down goals is a function of understanding your Why. Alway's tether your goals to your Why and be able to explain why you're taking a specific course of action. As you become more advanced in self-mastery you naturally become systematic in approaching goal setting.

The more challenging the issue the smaller your goals should become. Your goals must make sense for your life circumstances or business vision/mission and connected to your Why or Dharma. I subscribe to the SMART goals school. 





Timebound or Timely.


Once you settle on your SMART goals you can begin to sift through and figure out what your high-value targets are and whether an adequate mission plan can be built out. 

The following are some tools developed by the military to help figure out optimum courses of action. Please note the following flow AFTER you've determined your SMART goals.

1. The FITS Process:

Fit-Does the goal/task seem to be in congruence? Is it a good fit for your family or team? Is it worth the effort? Good ROI?

Importance-Where is this in relation to your broader strategic direction? If you carry this goal/task out and are successful what impact will it have on you?

Timing-Are you ready? If in business, how will your competitors react? Are you to late or to early to the party?

Simplicity- Does this align with the KISS principle? How will this impact your team or family?

For larger scale goal planning use the following strategic planning tool.

SMEAC works essentially like the FITS process. However FITS is designed for much more rapid execution. SMEAC is more geared toward an 12-18 month time horizon.

"Countless studies have revealed that the human brain is instinctively a goal-seeking organism. It is beyond debate that establishing goals and embedding them in the subconscious mind results in a more focused, determined and persistent individual" (Tucker).

Love the above statement. To make 2016 an awesome year I urge you all to take plenty of yoga or any other form of integrated training, sit in a calm state a couple of times daily, mentally centering on what you're supposed to accomplish. The above tools used consistently will lead to a more disciplined life and this means a happier life.



NOTE: Most of this information came from Mark Divine the author of The Way of the SEAL. The guy inspires me.

UPDATE: 1/9/206

I found this terrific article on the Asana Blog. Don't know what Asana Task Management software is? You are missing out. It's the best productivity tool I've ever come across....and it is free! Anyway the team at Asana wrote this piece that speaks to me as it is geared toward taking action. Goals are great and I get really enthusiastic about them, but action....action is what brings the goals to light. Click here for the blog piece.


Pressing Forward with Yoga


Pressing Forward with Yoga

I love the quote on the graphic because it harkens back to my favorite philosopher of all time, our good friend Aristotle. Aristotle was a practical man and did not take hard and fast positions on this or that. He backed into any particular situation by applying "the virtues." The Master Key (one of them anyway!) to life according to Aristotle is to apply the virtue of "deliberating well. " Virtuous people are introspective, self-critical, rational, and curious" (O'Toole). He never was hell bent on being a right fighter and telling us lesser brained what is the right thing to pursue. He asserted that the people who cultivated the habit of discernment, mindfullness or awareness would be led to what is right for themselves and this would lead to what is right. He believed that this consistent introspection would cause a person to act virtuously. He did categorize (Aristotle categorized everything) "the good" into socially prized "goods" and those that are "universally praised" goods. However, drilling down further into his philosophy is beyond the scope of this blog post. 

Yoga is an art and a science. By getting on the mat each day you're force into contemplation. When you feel lazy and don't want to pry yourself off the couch and into the yoga studio you start to think to about the consequences of not going. A brain battle begins. On the continuum of health (all or nothing)  you realize that to do nothing just about insures no immediate trauma. But over the long haul you recognize that the body will atrophy. The asana methodology is one of inquiry of the mind via the grounded stretching and strengthening of the physical body. Yoga is really about integrated training on a grand scale. We practice three actions over and over again: Soften, Flex, and Stretch. "The benefits of increased strength, range of motion, a sense of stable serenity appear because the body, mind, and emotions, are woven into the fabric of our world and our universe" (Clement). We are not separate on an energetic level from all that we see surrounding us. 

Sometimes to press forward with yoga means you need to back off. Yoga, like life is full of opposites, yin and yang. A beginner will feel all kinds of emotions and physical manifestations or sensations that can be disorienting or unfamiliar. The body has millions of sensors, our brain is the dashboard gauges that interprets the signals from the body as pain or intensity. Misalignment or injury will light up the dashboard gauge as pain. An intense stretch can be misinterpreted as pain, but this feeling may be something that needs to be held or leaned into. How do you understand Pain vs. Intensity? Go back to Aristotle and train toward the virtue of "deliberating well." Practice practice practice. If Aristotle were around today, he'd be pretty stoked on yoga I'm sure of it.





My Survival Guide to "40 Days to Personal Revolution"

Jessie Cox and I will be leading the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program beginning on January 10th, 2016 at NOW: New Om World. This is a really powerful program based upon Baron Baptiste's book called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

The following is a survival guide from the Baptiste Institute authored by Baron's staff. It's an excellent primer on the program!

"This program took off last year with thousands of yogis participating from all over the world. It created a sense of community in the online world that we hadn’t previously had and was the initial stepping stone to the rebirth of this blog. I love a good 40 Days - especially in January. It’s the perfect time of year to invest in yourself and make a positive step towards your health and happiness. After completing several 40 Day programs, some with great success and others with great challenge, I’ve put together a string of steps to successfully completing the "40 Days". Here you have it, my Survival Guide to 40 Days. Give it a read and then sign up here to join the fun. 

1. Commit…and recommit…to the process. Let’s face it, our lives are busy. Between work, laundry, kids, friends, bills and having some fun in between, life can get pretty hectic. 40 Days is a big commitment but it comes with great rewards. There were days where my computer and ok fine, my couch, were calling me. That voice in my head would say “Come on Jenn, what’s one little day? Give yourself a break”. It can be tempting to drop meditation, to skip practice and in those moments of temptation, you have to come back to your commitment. If you give in to a moment of temptation, you have to be willing to recommit to the process and move forward.

 2. Get Organized. In any program I’ve successfully completed, organization is key. You are blocking out time in your day for meditation, yoga and journaling that might’ve been previously filled with other things. Set yourself up for success by scheduling things ahead of time. During the 40 Days program, I used my Sunday to sit down and map out my week. When can I practice for the week ahead? What time do I have to wake up every morning to fit my meditation in? Don’t leave your practice and your meditation up to chance. Schedule it into your days. Treat your classes like appointments and you just might find that honoring your commitment comes with a little more ease. 

3. Seek Connection. Doing a 40 Days program online is unique in that you are not sitting down face-to-face with a group of people for your meetings every week. That being said, there are so many awesome ways to connect with the global Baptiste community if you are willing to reach out and be a part of the online community. Share your progress and connect with other participants through InstagramTwitter andFacebook. Reach out to a friend and see if they want to participate in 40 Days with you. The more I surrounded myself with people who were going through the process with me, the more supported I felt in my journey.

 4. Drop your 'All or Nothing' mentality. Confession time. In the past, I’ve fallen off the meditation wagon around week two or three and then entirely written off the meditation part of the program. I approached it from an attitude of, oh well, I failed already so what difference does it make? I’ll just stick with the yoga. This is part of the process. You, like me, might have a slip up. You might skip practice. You might forget to meditate. You might stop journaling. And that's okay. The question is, when you fall, can you pick yourself back up? It’s never too late to recommit. Whether you slip up for a day, a week or more, you can always start fresh. There is so much power in beginning again.

 5. What’s your Why? This is an important question in our community and one that I always ask myself before 40 Days begins. Why am I participating? Why is this important to me? I invite you to do the same. Get crystal clear on why you want to participate. It will make it easier to turn down those tempting moments of battling the voice in your head telling you to drop meditation. It will make recommitting to the process the only choice when you know why you are engaged in the process to begin with. What’s your Why? Write it down and keep it somewhere visible to inspire you throughout 40 Days. There you have it. My 5 Steps to creating a powerful and successful 40 Days experience. Sign up here and join us on January 10th."

We will be having an info session in a google hangout on December 12th, and then a live info session on December 20th.
Would love to see you all join Jessie and I to make YOUR 2016 THE BEST YEAR EVER!



Way of the SEAL Stand

I strive to follow the Stand.


1. I know why I am doing what I am doing. I will not allow the winds of pain or pleasure to blow me off course from my stand, nor will I let the desires of others distract me from my purpose. I embrace risk, loss, and failure as necessary companions and teachers on my journey.

2. I will win in my mind before seeking to win in the arena. I am committed to self-mastery.

3. When faced with challenges, I embrace the suck, get the job done, and keep moving on to the next task. I know I am capable of 20 times more than I think I am.

4. I display integrity and authenticity in thought, word, and deed— alone, with teammates, and within the “systems” defining my life.

5. I never shy from hard leadership roles, yet I step back when it is someone else’s turn. I am not after power, glory, money, or fame— rather, the experience to lead and serve on my journey to self-mastery.

6. I am driven by my passions and my purpose, not a need for titles or accolades.

7. I go to the challenge and strive for self-control, desiring to forge my mental toughness so I can earn a Trident of respect every day.

8. I never quit in training or on an “op,” and I never leave a teammate behind.

9. I acknowledge and am open to my inner wisdom, ever seeking to expand my awareness; eradicate faulty thinking; and cultivate a strong mind, body, and spirit connection.

10. I strive to remain innovative, creative, and offense-oriented in my approach to all things. I don’t fear failure and I never shy from risk. I am always learning and growing.

11. I train realistically and aggressively, coming back to basics often. I take nothing for granted and work tirelessly to hone my skills for extraordinary results.

This stand was written by Mark Divine. It is powerful.


Christian Allaire


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On Leadership

The Weighty Tome full of Pearls

It is apropos that I would chose Leadership as my first blog post for Christian Allaire Yoga. I Just received this text book in the mail. 

This is what is written on the About page of Christian Allaire Yoga:

"Christian Allaire Yoga is based upon the knowledge that yoga is the oldest form of personal development. Practiced consistently, yoga helps develop a deep personal competence. We believe yoga is Leadership. The speed of events today make yoga as relevant as ever"

Having just finished a Masters Degree in Strategic Leadership, my brain is swimming with information regarding what the experts say about leadership, how it manifests or what are its components.

One of the gems of a consistent yoga practice is its game changing nature when it comes to the regulation of emotion. One of my goals with blogging is to help me solidify my thinking in terms of what leadership means to yoga and yoga means to leadership. How to explain what I know intuitively about yoga and leadership. I do know that academia will teach Eastern philosophy covering the tenants of the mental components and do it well, but most academics lack the experience of the physical practice and therefore lack an important element in personal development. In my view it dings their street cred. The access point to the mental is via the physical. On the flip side of that, a majority of Western yoga practitioners get plenty of the physical (asana) but many lack the discipline of plumbing the mental training yoga offers.

 "Yoga is a way of knowledge, a science. Yoga proceeds systematically to study, explore and unlock the various powers, faculties and levels of awareness within us"  (Frawley, 2008).

Each generation has its leadership flavor. Ways of framing, ways of analyzing and applying leadership. The current trend is the Authentic Leadership Model. One of yoga's highest aims is self-realization. This is a process of self-awareness and knowing ones self and being ones self is crucial in leadership development and application. I think many of us can relate to an experience of working for or with someone who is simply clueless. What really bums me out, is that that in hindsight I was one of the clueless. While serving in the U.S. Coast Guard I was given ample opportunity to lead, thus my lack of self awareness had plenty of opportunity to bubble up. I regret that. Leadership attitudes were way different when I stepped aboard USCGC Polar Sea in 1988. Through out the next 20 years my leadership evolved in a stuttered fashion. Since retirement, my education, my 3 plus year solo sailing experience, and especially yoga has allowed me to synthesize my life experience and grow much more rapidly.  My intention is to present leadership within the context of a yoga practice. Given my military background, I'm floored that yoga would get so deep into my being. But it has. Fake sucks. Authentic is is messy and difficult and so is the practice of leadership. Smooth is slow and slow is fast.

In the coming blog posts I will do my best to connect yoga and leadership by exploring the Authentic Leadership model. Most of my leadership mistakes from the past derive from the inability to understand my unique life story. To learn you must tell your story.


Christian Allaire 


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