One word answer really….CONNECTION.

I recently had the privilege of hosting 15 people at a Yoga Retreat in Dominical Costa Rica. By any measure it was a moving experience. For me for sure, but most importantly for the participants. It’s challenging to place words to experience as sometimes the semantics of word smithing ring hollow.

Those who practice yoga on a regular basis understand the power of mood shifts spurred by movement of the physical body. When you combine meditation prior to practice, practice in a yoga shala within the environment of a Costa Rica Eco-Resort, which itself is in the jungle at the foot of the pacific, after 8 hours of rest with those you’ve come to love, layers of tension peel away. A REAL sense of Joy surfaces. There is more. When this is done twice a day for a few days you cannot help but literally shine! If it’s the morning class, your stomach rumbles a bit in savasana smelling the organic breakfast that drifts from the kitchen witches galley. A dip in the pool and all hands gather to eat, plan the day, laugh and laugh. The value of these moments cannot be over emphasized. They have lasting impact. If it is the late afternoon yoga class, we move, workshop what comes up within the group, learn and share. We again gather for an evening meal together prepared with love and care. Some like to enjoy a little evening Vino, others not. No big deal. We break out board games, reminisce about the days adventure and what tomorrow will bring. All this happening with the jungle sounds surrounding us. Magical.


Costa Rica 2020

June 13th-19th, 2020

THE RESEARCH IS CLEAR that some of the most successful, hard working executives, worker bees, retirees, mothers and fathers all prioritize taking time off. Some can take large chunks of time off. It’s crucial to maintain or increase capacity and longevity. When asana and meditation is incorporated ideas appear and so does the correct path. This year I provided a journal and pen to each participant. To leave the smartphone behind and bring your journal along on a beach walk or hike is a way to change up routine. When you change a routine, you change thought patterns which in turn spark output. Get out the journal and jot it down!

A YOGA RETREAT is a powerful experience when organized correctly. I will be leading another group in June 2020, hopefully with some of the same participants as 2019, and a whole new batch of people for 2020. To spend money on experience versus a new gizmo or some other upgrade is also supported by research and I suspect most of you reading this have experienced the fading buzz of a new car purchase. Whereas powerful shared experiences only become more precious as time passes. This is why we like to snap pictures to capture that feeling in time. My sister who attended this years retreat told me she can’t stop looking at the pictures.

THIS IS WHAT I LOVE to do. To hold the space and share the practice of yoga in order help myself and as many people as possible to grow. The combo of a Yoga and Vacation is a great idea! I’ve kept the price point at as reasonable a level as possible. SIGN UP! BRING A FRIEND!


I have six Early Bird Tickets for Costa Rica Yoga Retreat 2020 for $300 off regular price. This is good until September 1st, 2019. ALL the DETAILS are on the retreat tab on my website. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. The website has most of the information you will need at the below URL.



All photography and video by Mike Lee @1360films