I recently did a workshop called "Yoga as Self-Mastery." Really it is more of a presentation/lecture type thing which can be tough for people to sit for so long. The overwhelming feedback was that this workshop should be done over a 3 day period in a retreat format. It is always a challenge for me to balance "academic" info pertaining to the subject matter and actual hands on training or simply moving the body. For example if the workshops topic is the Eight Limbed Path I don't want to use the time to do an asana flow. It's easy to find a yoga class, it's not easy to find deeper yoga training. Below is the topics we covered.


The true yogin is a Master of everything in his or her own life. To be a Master of your own Self is to fully understand who you really are and integrate all components of your humanness. Without a dedicated practice there can be no Self-Mastery. Yogins already practicing asana have taken a first step toward Self-Mastery, now it's time to learn the methodology behind Self-Mastery via the Eight Yogic Disciplines as outlined in the Yoga Sutras. The Eight Limbs are the Master Key to understanding the system of yoga. In this workshop you'll develop skills and acquire tools that will guide you into boldly being of service for your yourself, community and your business/family life.


Eight Yogic Disciplines
Yamas- Self disciples/restraints on behavior
Niyams- Spiritual observances
Asana- Seat, posture, practice of postures
Pranayama- Expansion of vital energy through control of breath
Pratyahara- Withdrawal of the senses
Dharana- Concentration
Dhyana- meditation
Samadhi-Complete absorption/Integration
Self-Inquiry & Drishti
Template for creating a morning ritual
Goal Setting w/suggested template
We will tie it all together by discussing/analyzing the Authentic Leadership Model to drive the point that yoga is a complete system of personal development that has real world impacts.

Please keep a sharp eye for a retreat that I'm hashing out.