I have a real fetish with Goal Setting/Life Planning. I've done it for years and years. I had my first training in the topic when the captain of my ship in 1994 (thank you Mike Mohn) took the entire crew of 16 to the Franklin Quest (soon to be Franklin Covey) day long seminar in Honolulu using the Franklin planning system. It brought me back to when I was a child watching my dad use his Daytimer  and if my memories serves, since I expressed such interest in his Daytimer he bought me one!

I wanted to show you the tools I've been using with success at achieving goals, tracking outcomes and thinking ahead. Success is always visualized prior to achievement. The prepared warrior wins in the mind first then on the field of battle type thing. 

I also point to two books that recently (past 4 years) has inspired me immensely. Mark Divine's Way of the SEAL and Unbeatable Mind. Contained within these two books and his associated trainings are the keys to unlocking greatness. Mark calls it Self-Mastery. I like that. 

I recently had the Volt Planner pop-up on my Facebook feed. After some investigation it appears to be really juicy. So much so I plunked down the $40 + $6.95 in shipping for the 2017 version. I hope it delivers. You can check out the youtube video above. Just remember that anything in slow-motion makes things a little more ominous.....like your future closing in on you! Partially what sold me is they had the temerity to film a left hander using the notebook.

The reason the Volt Planner is important to me is I've exclusively shifted to an all cloud based system from Asana which is SO POWERFUL. Above is the screen shot of my Annual Focus Plan template created by Mark Divine. I also use his temples that are similar for a month & weekly focus plan all derived from the annual focus plan. I've always thought that going back to basics is important in life. Whenever I have to hand write something it is painful. This skill is atrophying. I also believe the act of writing versus typing to be powerful. Furthermore the amount of time I spend on the computer I think has now become damaging. This is why this Volt Planner seems to be worth the stretch. I hope I can use both cloud based and paper based system together to help me grow.

I have the honor of being chosen as a Lululemon Ambassador recently. So very cool and inspiring on so many fronts. But this is not the subject at hand. One of the things so compelling to me about Lululemon is they provide tools and hire people who are motivated to use said tools to meet their goals. This is how they do business. As an ambassador they offered up some of the things they are afforded. One of them is this template above for achieving some BHAG's. 

One of our challenges is to plan for a future but live in the moment. The best tool for living in the moment derives from yoga + meditation, always come back to your breath.



Update: The Volt Arrived today with this cool little note in it.