Last week I had such a terrific time shooting in San Francisco with pro photographer Ian Tuttle for my ambassadorship. What an honor to be selected as a Lululemon Ambassador based out of the Corte Madera California store. What is a Lulu Ambassador? From the website here is the explanation "Our athlete programs support a community of driven athletes and inspirational people who harness their passion to elevate their communities."

I've always been a fan of Lululemon. While studying for my MBA I did  a couple of projects studying the company, its ethos, the controversy with shear clothing and the issues with Chip Wilson. None of issues left me feeling freaked out about the company. The company you will notice has not popped up on every corner like Starbucks. You'll notice they are managing there growth well. This takes courage, especially in light of all the companies that are trying to take there market share. The list is long. In any event.....I love the Lulu Manifesto below.

Below are pictures taken while were taking pictures. Thank you to the team at the Lululemon store in Corte Madera. Leaders Jessie Whalen and Patty Prislin have to so great to me. They really do support their ambassadors.


Christian Allaire