The Weighty Tome full of Pearls

It is apropos that I would chose Leadership as my first blog post for Christian Allaire Yoga. I Just received this text book in the mail. 

This is what is written on the About page of Christian Allaire Yoga:

"Christian Allaire Yoga is based upon the knowledge that yoga is the oldest form of personal development. Practiced consistently, yoga helps develop a deep personal competence. We believe yoga is Leadership. The speed of events today make yoga as relevant as ever"

Having just finished a Masters Degree in Strategic Leadership, my brain is swimming with information regarding what the experts say about leadership, how it manifests or what are its components.

One of the gems of a consistent yoga practice is its game changing nature when it comes to the regulation of emotion. One of my goals with blogging is to help me solidify my thinking in terms of what leadership means to yoga and yoga means to leadership. How to explain what I know intuitively about yoga and leadership. I do know that academia will teach Eastern philosophy covering the tenants of the mental components and do it well, but most academics lack the experience of the physical practice and therefore lack an important element in personal development. In my view it dings their street cred. The access point to the mental is via the physical. On the flip side of that, a majority of Western yoga practitioners get plenty of the physical (asana) but many lack the discipline of plumbing the mental training yoga offers.

 "Yoga is a way of knowledge, a science. Yoga proceeds systematically to study, explore and unlock the various powers, faculties and levels of awareness within us"  (Frawley, 2008).

Each generation has its leadership flavor. Ways of framing, ways of analyzing and applying leadership. The current trend is the Authentic Leadership Model. One of yoga's highest aims is self-realization. This is a process of self-awareness and knowing ones self and being ones self is crucial in leadership development and application. I think many of us can relate to an experience of working for or with someone who is simply clueless. What really bums me out, is that that in hindsight I was one of the clueless. While serving in the U.S. Coast Guard I was given ample opportunity to lead, thus my lack of self awareness had plenty of opportunity to bubble up. I regret that. Leadership attitudes were way different when I stepped aboard USCGC Polar Sea in 1988. Through out the next 20 years my leadership evolved in a stuttered fashion. Since retirement, my education, my 3 plus year solo sailing experience, and especially yoga has allowed me to synthesize my life experience and grow much more rapidly.  My intention is to present leadership within the context of a yoga practice. Given my military background, I'm floored that yoga would get so deep into my being. But it has. Fake sucks. Authentic is is messy and difficult and so is the practice of leadership. Smooth is slow and slow is fast.

In the coming blog posts I will do my best to connect yoga and leadership by exploring the Authentic Leadership model. Most of my leadership mistakes from the past derive from the inability to understand my unique life story. To learn you must tell your story.


Christian Allaire 


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