Jessie Cox and I will be leading the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program beginning on January 10th, 2016 at NOW: New Om World. This is a really powerful program based upon Baron Baptiste's book called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

The following is a survival guide from the Baptiste Institute authored by Baron's staff. It's an excellent primer on the program!

"This program took off last year with thousands of yogis participating from all over the world. It created a sense of community in the online world that we hadn’t previously had and was the initial stepping stone to the rebirth of this blog. I love a good 40 Days - especially in January. It’s the perfect time of year to invest in yourself and make a positive step towards your health and happiness. After completing several 40 Day programs, some with great success and others with great challenge, I’ve put together a string of steps to successfully completing the "40 Days". Here you have it, my Survival Guide to 40 Days. Give it a read and then sign up here to join the fun. 

1. Commit…and recommit…to the process. Let’s face it, our lives are busy. Between work, laundry, kids, friends, bills and having some fun in between, life can get pretty hectic. 40 Days is a big commitment but it comes with great rewards. There were days where my computer and ok fine, my couch, were calling me. That voice in my head would say “Come on Jenn, what’s one little day? Give yourself a break”. It can be tempting to drop meditation, to skip practice and in those moments of temptation, you have to come back to your commitment. If you give in to a moment of temptation, you have to be willing to recommit to the process and move forward.

 2. Get Organized. In any program I’ve successfully completed, organization is key. You are blocking out time in your day for meditation, yoga and journaling that might’ve been previously filled with other things. Set yourself up for success by scheduling things ahead of time. During the 40 Days program, I used my Sunday to sit down and map out my week. When can I practice for the week ahead? What time do I have to wake up every morning to fit my meditation in? Don’t leave your practice and your meditation up to chance. Schedule it into your days. Treat your classes like appointments and you just might find that honoring your commitment comes with a little more ease. 

3. Seek Connection. Doing a 40 Days program online is unique in that you are not sitting down face-to-face with a group of people for your meetings every week. That being said, there are so many awesome ways to connect with the global Baptiste community if you are willing to reach out and be a part of the online community. Share your progress and connect with other participants through InstagramTwitter andFacebook. Reach out to a friend and see if they want to participate in 40 Days with you. The more I surrounded myself with people who were going through the process with me, the more supported I felt in my journey.

 4. Drop your 'All or Nothing' mentality. Confession time. In the past, I’ve fallen off the meditation wagon around week two or three and then entirely written off the meditation part of the program. I approached it from an attitude of, oh well, I failed already so what difference does it make? I’ll just stick with the yoga. This is part of the process. You, like me, might have a slip up. You might skip practice. You might forget to meditate. You might stop journaling. And that's okay. The question is, when you fall, can you pick yourself back up? It’s never too late to recommit. Whether you slip up for a day, a week or more, you can always start fresh. There is so much power in beginning again.

 5. What’s your Why? This is an important question in our community and one that I always ask myself before 40 Days begins. Why am I participating? Why is this important to me? I invite you to do the same. Get crystal clear on why you want to participate. It will make it easier to turn down those tempting moments of battling the voice in your head telling you to drop meditation. It will make recommitting to the process the only choice when you know why you are engaged in the process to begin with. What’s your Why? Write it down and keep it somewhere visible to inspire you throughout 40 Days. There you have it. My 5 Steps to creating a powerful and successful 40 Days experience. Sign up here and join us on January 10th."

We will be having an info session in a google hangout on December 12th, and then a live info session on December 20th.
Would love to see you all join Jessie and I to make YOUR 2016 THE BEST YEAR EVER!