I strive to follow the Stand.


1. I know why I am doing what I am doing. I will not allow the winds of pain or pleasure to blow me off course from my stand, nor will I let the desires of others distract me from my purpose. I embrace risk, loss, and failure as necessary companions and teachers on my journey.

2. I will win in my mind before seeking to win in the arena. I am committed to self-mastery.

3. When faced with challenges, I embrace the suck, get the job done, and keep moving on to the next task. I know I am capable of 20 times more than I think I am.

4. I display integrity and authenticity in thought, word, and deed— alone, with teammates, and within the “systems” defining my life.

5. I never shy from hard leadership roles, yet I step back when it is someone else’s turn. I am not after power, glory, money, or fame— rather, the experience to lead and serve on my journey to self-mastery.

6. I am driven by my passions and my purpose, not a need for titles or accolades.

7. I go to the challenge and strive for self-control, desiring to forge my mental toughness so I can earn a Trident of respect every day.

8. I never quit in training or on an “op,” and I never leave a teammate behind.

9. I acknowledge and am open to my inner wisdom, ever seeking to expand my awareness; eradicate faulty thinking; and cultivate a strong mind, body, and spirit connection.

10. I strive to remain innovative, creative, and offense-oriented in my approach to all things. I don’t fear failure and I never shy from risk. I am always learning and growing.

11. I train realistically and aggressively, coming back to basics often. I take nothing for granted and work tirelessly to hone my skills for extraordinary results.

This stand was written by Mark Divine. It is powerful.


Christian Allaire